6" Dual Borosilicate 1.5" Sight Glass Jacketed Diamond Miner SS304 **BUILT AND PRESSURE TESTED

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6" Dual Borosilicate 1.5" Sight Glass Jacketed Diamond Miner SS304 **BUILT AND PRESSURE TESTED


Quality Stainless Parts Jacketed Diamond Miner is the ultimate tool for precise and efficient crystallization procedures. Take control of your crystallization process like never before with our Jacketed Diamond Miner. Designed to accelerate crystal growth, this miner allows for precise heating or cooling through its jacketed base, ensuring optimal conditions for crystal formation.

Our Jacketed Diamond miner comes fully loaded with all the features you could ask for in a diamond miner including 1x 1/4" JIC Lid Valves, 2x 1inch Borosilicate Sight Glasses for optimized process viewing, 1x -30hg-250PSI Compound Pressure Gauge for precise process monitoring.

With the capability to maintain precise temperature control, you can achieve consistent and high-quality crystals for a wide range of applications. Whether you're looking to produce large crystals or control the size and shape of your crystal output, our Jacketed Diamond Miner provides the flexibility and accuracy you need to meet your specific requirements.

Upgrade your crystallization process into compliance today and elevate the quality, and efficiency of your crystal production with a Quality Stainless Part Jacketed Diamond Miner.

The Jacketed Diamond Miner is used for crystallizing botanical extracts into live resin terpene-rich sauce. 


Diamond Miner Specifications




304 Stainless Steel

Optimal Capacity


Maximum Capacity


Ball Valve

1/4" JIC Fitting

Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP)


Temperature Range 

- 30° F to 250° F

Compound Pressure Gauge

-30 PSI to 150 PSI

Pressure Tested