Carbon Chemistry MagSil-PR® 500G 1KG 2KG 5KG 20KG Filtration

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Ideal for selective pesticide remediation and color body adsorption.

Tuned for adsorption of many common pesticides, MagSil-PR® serves as the cornerstone of remediation and purification when refining commercially farmed plant oils. In addition to targeting pesticides, the crystalline structure of MagSil-PR® adsorbs color bodies and other polar impurities from oil solutions.

MagSil-PR® is precipitated from a solution of magnesium and silicate ions to produce consistently shaped solid beads with a diameter between 0.125mm to 0.5mm. A must-have for the adsorption of organic halides, MagSil-PR® is thermally activated in calcination kilns to achieve its crystalline structure and high alkalinity of pH 9.5-10.

MagSil-PR® has a particle size of 0.125mm to 0.5mm and a basic pH of 9.5-10.