Carbon Chemistry Alumicel™ B

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Purifies via separation of compounds by relative polarity and charge.

Alumicels are polar stationary phases for normal phase column chromatography. These high purity, acid/base-activated alumina products are also used in polishing filter beds, decolorizations, and as adsorbents for strong polar impurities, including sequestering H+ & OH- ions. Alumicels can also improve flow rates through clays.

Alumicel™ A is a fine grain (50–150 μm), highly porous, pure aluminum oxide powders that have been thermally and chemically activated for specific pH and polar surface functionality. Alumicel™ A is acidic (pH 4.0–5.0). These high hardness, insoluble particles offer maximum stability and bed support strength.

Alumicel™ A has a particle size of 50–150 μm and a acidic pH of 4.0-5.0.