Carbon Chemistry ZeoClear™ L Fine

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Our powerful adsorbent for color-bodies in smaller granules for maximum effect.

Ideal for general product improvement, ZeoClear™ L fine is a highly effective media for color remediation and contaminant adsorption. It is commonly used for in-line color remediation from non-polar hydrocarbon extract solutions. ZeoClear™ L fine can be combined with our ZeoClear™ L or Y to adjust their flow rates and adsorption.

ZeoClear™ L fine is a durable, naturally occurring granular attapulgite that has been thermally activated at elevated temperature to increase the porous surface area of its
granules. This calcined magnesium aluminum silicate is a clay medium with an approximate grain size of 0.164 to 0.250 mm and a neutral pH of 6.7.

ZeoClear™ L fine has a particle size of 0.164mm to 0.250mm and a neutral pH of 6.7.