Carbon Chemistry T-12 Acid-Activated, Washed Calcium Bentonite Clay

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Decoloring media with enhanced adsorption capacity for pigments and other impurities.

T-12™ works as a filter aid for solid particulates and is a great clay for removing pigments. It can be used alone, in mixtures, or in layers for clarifying extracts in polar alcohols or non-polar alkanes. T-12™ is selective, physically binding large molecules like color bodies, sugars, proteins, lipids, and waxes.

Derived from a naturally occurring resource, T-12™ is acid-activated, washed calcium bentonite clay with a pH of 3 to 4, but no more than 0.3% free acid in water. Made of expanded 5–200μm particles, its high adsorption capacity is the result of having the greatest possible surface area while maintaining the electrochemistry of the smectite.

T-12™ has a particle size of 5-200 μm and an acidic pH of 3-3.5.