Carbon Chemistry Alumicel™ N

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Purifies via separation of compounds by relative polarity and charge.

Alumicel™ N is best employed as a depth media in filtration and separation processes. This pure chromatography-grade media will not change the molecular electrochemistry within your filter stack. Alumicel™ N is helpful in nucleation and agglomeration of lipids for Winterization, and increases flow rate through clay powders.

Alumicel™ N is a fine grain powder of highly porous, pure aluminum oxide particles precipitated and screened to a size range of 50-150µm. The alumina is carefully titrated to a pH ≈ 6.7 (‘N’ is for neutral). Particles are insoluble, non-reactive, and have high hardness for maximum process stability and bed support strength.

Alumicel™ N has a particle size of  50-150µm and a neutral pH ≈ 6.7.