6" Tri Clamp Viton Gasket - FLANGED

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6" Tri Clamp Viton Gasket FLANGED Closed Loop Extractor


These viton screen gaskets are a practical purchase for anyone doing essential oil extractions with butane as they offer an incredibly high resistance to oils, fuels, lubricants and most mineral acids. These gaskets meet today's sanitary standards for the sanitary industry.  

These flanged gaskets feature an extra L-shaped hook that goes around the outer edge of the gasket. This makes putting the gasket on much easier and faster, especially for larger tri clamp sizes.

Viton was first introduced in the 1950's for the aerospace industry to fulfill the need for a high performance sealing elastomer. Since then, viton has maintained a reputation for its outstanding performance in extreme heat and extremely corrosive environments.

Viton offers an exceptionally high resistance to compression set, even at high temperatures. It is known to have an exceptionally good resistance to oxidation, sun and weather, along with an excellent resistance to fungus and mold.

Viton is capable of withstanding high temperatures while retaining its good mechanical properties, and is better at it than most other elastomers. The oil and chemical resistance are virtually unaffected by elevated temperatures, and the compounds remain relatively elastic indefinitely up to temperatures of 400° F (204° C). 

  • Fits Tri-Clamp: 6"
  • Material: Viton
  • Temperature Range: -40F - 450F
  • Flanged
  • No Screen